5 May, 2011
Emerging Markets: China’s changing consumption habits spell danger
18 January, 2019

Singapore Hits Critical Mass in Offshore Renminbi Futures

Euromoney, January 18 2019 Read the full article here When Singapore Exchange issued its full-year trading numbers for […]
7 January, 2019

Why Djibouti’s China Debt is Raising the Alarm

Euromoney, January 7 2019 Warning sirens are sounding about the level of debt Djibouti owes to China for […]
10 December, 2018

What Next For Noble Group – And Singapore?

Euromoney, December 10, 2018 The decision of Singapore regulators not to allow Noble to re-list wrecks a 19-month […]
31 July, 2017

Cooper Points Standard Chartered in the Right Direction

Euromoney, July 31 2017 Standard Chartered is ready to talk. After several years of pain, impairments, write-offs, losses […]
1 August, 2016

China Steps Towards Gold Dominance

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1 February, 2016

Worried Saudis Float a Landmark Aramco IPO

Euromoney, February 2016 When Saudi Aramco confirmed that it was considering going public with a listing, there were […]
7 December, 2015

Oil Production Stays High, Oil Price Stays Low: Who Benefits and Who Loses Out?

Forbes.com, December 7 2015   To read this article, click here
1 November, 2015

Rahman Makes Bangladesh an Outlier Among Bleak Emerging Markets

Euromoney, November 2015  If Bangladesh is the world’s most perilous economy, it appears that nobody has told the […]
20 October, 2015

El Nino Could Lead Era of Food Price Inflation

Emerging Markets, IMF Editions, October 2015 The worst El Nino on record may provoke a dangerous period of […]
1 October, 2015

Emerging Markets: Low Oil Prices and the Middle East Capital Markets

Emerging Markets, IMF Editions, October 2015 It is an unfortunate coincidence that at exactly the point when Saudi […]
1 April, 2015

Africa Rising

CFA Magazine, April 2015 In recent years, Africa has become the darling of frontier-spirited investors in both debt […]
6 March, 2015

Forbes.com: The Case for Investing in Russia

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