16 April, 2019

Citi’s Trader Firings Reflect Tougher Regulators

Euromoney, April 16 2019 Citi’s decision to sack eight Hong Kong traders, for being a principal in trades […]
1 December, 2018

Hillhouse Capital’s Box of Tricks

Euromoney, December 2018 It is worth over $50 billion and its deals are among the most important and […]
1 November, 2018

The Curious Case of CLSA

Euromoney, November 2018 This is part of an article on securities houses in Hong Kong – see here […]
1 November, 2018

Inside the Securities Houses that Power Hong Kong

Euromoney, November 2018 Its capital markets are dominated by mainland-backed houses, but don’t think of them as a […]
2 July, 2018

Xiaomi Landmark Falls Short

Euromoney, July 2 2018 The $4.72 billion IPO of Xiaomi marks a disappointing start to listed life for […]
1 June, 2018

Xiaomi Shows the [Redacted] of [Redacted]

Euromoney, June 2018 The forthcoming IPO of Xiaomi Corporation – China’s Apple, if you must – is the […]
23 May, 2018

Xiaomi Vindicates HK Dual Class Decision – But at a Cost

Euromoney, May 23 2018 May brought welcome news for Hong Kong. Xiaomi, one of the world’s most successful […]
21 December, 2009

Hong Kong’s RMB market a forerunner for convertibility

Credit Magazine, December 2010 In September Hong Kong’s renminbi bond market took a major step forward. To that […]
1 July, 2008

The non-Muslim world fights for Islamic finance

Asiamoney, July 2008 In May, the Monetary Authority of Singapore made a low-key but significant announcement. Speaking to […]
1 April, 2008

Hong Kong braces for global downturn

Institutional Investor, April 2008 Ten years ago, Hong Kong’s days were numbered. Or that was the theory. Newly […]
1 July, 2000

Why this deal changes everything: PCCW, Asiamoney, July 2000

Asiamoney, July 2000  The takeover of Cable & Wireless HKT will crown an astonishing first year for Internet […]
1 June, 2000

Why GEM has got its fists up: KS Lo, Asiamoney, June 2000

WHY GEM HAS GOT ITS FISTS UP  Hong Kong’s Growth Enterprise Market is barely six months old, but […]