17 September, 2017
Life at the Sharp End of Climate Change
14 January, 2018

Grameen Capital to be Part of Conscience-Capitalism Ecosystem

Euromoney, January 14 2018 Ten years on from the foundation of Grameen Capital India, its chief executive still […]
10 October, 2017

China Unicom’s Reform Doesn’t Amount to Much

Euromoney, October 2017 What to make of the $11.7 billion ownership revamp of China Unicom, the flag-bearer for […]
26 September, 2017

Making Sense of Belt and Road

Euromoney, September 2017 China’s Belt and Road Initiative is so vast and ambitious it can be difficult to […]
18 September, 2017

Can Finance Save the World’s Vulnerable Nations?

Euromoney, September 2017 Climate change finance is a jigsaw that must be assembled by thousands of people who […]
17 September, 2017

Life at the Sharp End of Climate Change

Euromoney, September 2017 “This is the highest point in Tarawa!” says Tetiria Kireua. “Three metres!” We are on […]
20 August, 2017

Narev Prepares to Leave Commonwealth Bank

Euromoney, August 20, 2017 “We are getting Australia’s version of the global zeitgeist about big business and big […]
31 July, 2017

Cooper Points Standard Chartered in the Right Direction

Euromoney, July 31 2017 Standard Chartered is ready to talk. After several years of pain, impairments, write-offs, losses […]
1 February, 2017

BEPS in the Boardroom: Cracking Down on Multinational Tax Avoidance

IntheBlack, February 2017 Read it as it ran here Has there ever been a global tax initiative as […]
1 December, 2016

CSR’s Blue Sky Thinking

Euromoney, December 2016 At BNP Paribas’s recent Sustainable Future Forum in Singapore every presentation was prefaced by a […]
15 September, 2016

ESG to the Fore in Asia Corporate Governance

Euromoney, September 2016 Momentum in corporate governance in Asia has shifted from general reporting towards ESG (environmental, social […]
1 June, 2016

Citi Sees The Funny Side

Euromoney, June 2016 When an investment bank sponsors a national award in investigative business journalism, there will occasionally […]
1 June, 2016

Even Leibovitz Can’t Make Banks Look Good

Euromoney, June 2016 Star photographer Annie Leibovitz was in Singapore recently, promoting a new exhibition commissioned by UBS. […]