30 October, 2018
SIBOS: Expert Witness
30 October, 2018

SIBOS: Expert Witness

Euromoney, October 30 2018 Euromoney conducted 20-odd interviews at this year’s Sibos in Sydney, most of them on […]
23 December, 2016

The Living Crowd

Discovery Channel Magazine They define many of society’s key moments, bearing witness to both epic disasters and sweeping […]
23 December, 2016

Life on a High Beam

Discovery Channel Magazine At just 14 years old, gymnast Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 ever awarded […]
23 December, 2016

50 Years of Footie

Discovery Channel Magazine, 2015 Next year marks a significant year for British football. Half a century ago, England […]
8 November, 2015

After They Were Famous: What Happened Next?

The Guardian/The Observer, Inner Life section, November 8 2015 Read this on The Guardian site here One day […]
1 October, 2015

Life After Triumph

IntheBlack, October 2015   Departing CEOs must face a crushing sense of: “now what?” Having lived and breathed […]
17 September, 2015

Who Wins Financially from the Rugby World Cup?

Forbes.com, September 17 2015 Read it at Forbes.com here
17 August, 2015

From Performer Sylvie Guillem to the Apollo Astronauts, How do People Move On from a Moment of Fame

The Independent, August 17 2015  As dance lovers will know, they are reaching the end of an era. […]
1 June, 2015

So You Landed On The Moon Or Saved Hundreds Of Lives In A Plane Crash – What Next?

Australian Financial Review, May 2015 It was in the town of Dora, Oregon, population 10, in a room […]
1 May, 2015

Fifty Years of Footie

 Discovery Channel Magazine, May 2015 It is July 30, 1966, and the flags are fluttering high above the […]
18 November, 2014

Forbes.com: What Liverpool FC’s Facebook Survey Tells You about the Power of Emerging Markets

Forbes.com, November 18 2014 To read this at Forbes.com, click here
12 November, 2014

Forbes.com. In the Clear: Qatar to Keep World Cup and the Economic Profile that comes with it

Forbes.com, November 12 2014 To read this at Forbes.com, click here