15 October, 2020
Brics Economies and the Commonalities of Change
15 October, 2020

Brics Economies and the Commonalities of Change

Euromoney, October 15 2020 This was a panel at the Euromoney Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Virtual […]
6 April, 2016

Latin America and Oil: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Part 3: The Ugly

Emerging Markets IADB editions, April 2016 The Ugly: Venezuela stares into the abyss; Brazil senses hope Latin America […]
25 November, 2015

The Death of Brics

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3 August, 2015

Lessons from the HSBC Result: Abandoning Brazil is Good for Business, it Seems

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1 April, 2015

Euromoney: ADIA lifts the lid on emerging real estate

Euromoney, April 2015 Emerging market real estate is sometimes seen as the playground of speculative capital: the soar […]
1 February, 2015

Discovery Channel Magazine: The Modern Tribe

┬áDiscovery Channel Magazine, February 2015 One day in 2008, a photograph began appearing on front pages and web […]
27 October, 2014

Forbes.com: Rousseff Wins a second Term – and Investors are Nervous

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9 July, 2014

Will Brazil’s 7-1 Hammering be Bad News for Investors Too?

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12 June, 2014

Will Brazil’s World Cup Pay Off for Investors?

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