sovereign wealth fund

30 April, 2022

Sovereign wealth lessons from an isolated Cree nation

Euromoney, April 2022 In frozen far northern Alberta, one finds perhaps the world’s least likely sovereign wealth fund, […]
18 June, 2021

Sovereign wealth funds: can Orji build a Temasek in Nigeria?

Euromoney, June 18 2021 Uche Orji is approaching 10 years as head of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, […]
23 March, 2021

Inside Indonesia’s new sovereign wealth fund

Euromoney, March 23 2021 The Indonesian Investment Authority is the world’s newest sovereign wealth fund. Its chief executive […]
9 July, 2019

The Key Number in the Temasek Report

Euromoney, July 9 2019 Divestments at the Singaporean sovereign wealth vehicle tell a story of a tough investment […]
1 August, 2009

What now for Temasek?

Euromoney, Op-ed, August 2009 So what now for Temasek? Chip Goodyear’s curious decision to step down from the […]
1 September, 2008

East Timor’s ministers: Pires, Pires and Gonçalves

Euromoney magazine, September 2008 Picture two countries. One has an infant mortality rate of almost one in 10, […]
1 July, 2008

Middle East emerges as a private equity centre

Asiamoney, July 2008 The Middle East has emerged as the fourth world centre for private equity after North […]
1 February, 2008

Gulf sovereign wealth funds look east

Asiamoney, February 2008 Last month [JAN 29] Kuala Lumpur’s biggest shopping mall, a 1.4 million square foot monster […]
1 December, 2007

Simon Israel, Temasek:a fund apart?

Euromoney magazine, December 2008 Temasek is different. In a world of increasingly powerful, wealthy and mistrusted sovereign wealth […]