12 September, 2019
Kurdistan Readies for Post-ISIS Future
12 September, 2019

Kurdistan Readies for Post-ISIS Future

Euromoney, September 12 2019 It’s not long ago that Kurdistan was on the brink of accessing the international […]
12 September, 2019

The Places That Finance Forgot

Euromoney, September 12 2019 Countries fall off the global financial grid for a host of reasons: political obtuseness, […]
1 October, 2015

Emerging Markets: How ISIS has Affected MENA Economies

Emerging Markets, IMF Editions, October 2015 The steady rise of ISIS has caused shockwaves across the Middle East. […]
1 July, 2015

Kurdistan Faces Challenges in Coming to Market

Euromoney, July 2015 On June 22, an announcement appeared on the Kurdistan Regional Government’s web site, confirming that […]
1 April, 2015

When investors are bankrolling wars

Euromoney, April 2015 Investors are being asked to bankroll some increasingly volatile parts of the world. In early […]
1 July, 2014

ISIS Threatens Kurdistan, the Acceptable Face of Iraq

Euromoney, July 2014 The growing strength of the ISIL movement in may cause regional and western banks to […]
29 April, 2014

How The Frontier Became Mainstream – Or Why We Might Soon Be Investing In Iran And Iraq

Forbes.com, April 29 2014 To read this on Forbes.com, click here
7 March, 2014

Investing in Iraq: A Frontier Market Too Far?

Financial Times, March 7 2014 There are frontier investment markets, and then there is Iraq. Bombings and fighting […]