9 July, 2019

The Key Number in the Temasek Report

Euromoney, July 9 2019 Divestments at the Singaporean sovereign wealth vehicle tell a story of a tough investment […]
9 October, 2018

Scoring the Santiago Principles as they Turn 10

Euromoney, October 2018 The Santiago Principles have elevated governance in sovereign wealth funds – but not consistently across […]
24 September, 2018

Asia’s GFC Deals 10 Years On – So Who Won?

Euromoney, September 24 2018 The global financial crisis, despite its weighty worldwide name, was really a crisis of […]
1 March, 2018

Why the Stakes are High in MUFG’s Asia Plan

Euromoney, March 2018 With the acquisition of Indonesia’s Bank Danamon, MUFG has built a network of southeast Asia […]
14 October, 2009

Emerging Markets Global Financial Power: Ho Ching

Emerging Markets World Bank editions, October 2009 China Investment Corporation gets the headlines in Asia these days, but […]
10 October, 2009

Temasek’s future leadership needs clarity

Asiamoney, October 2009 Author’s note: this is the filed version. For the published version, click here: Sovereign Wealth-r4 […]
1 August, 2009

What now for Temasek?

Euromoney, Op-ed, August 2009 So what now for Temasek? Chip Goodyear’s curious decision to step down from the […]
1 March, 2009

Singapore: Will Temasek change tack?

Euromoney, March 2009 Temasek’s decision to replace Ho Ching with Chip Goodyear as CEO raises a host of […]
1 December, 2007

Simon Israel, Temasek:a fund apart?

Euromoney magazine, December 2008 Temasek is different. In a world of increasingly powerful, wealthy and mistrusted sovereign wealth […]