23 December, 2016
Money: A Murder Mystery
23 December, 2016

Money: A Murder Mystery

Discovery Channel Magazine The past decade has been a bad time for money. Its use, its abuse and […]
20 December, 2016

Alternative Review of the Year. Pyrrhic Victory of the Year: Goldman Sachs vs Libyan Investment Authority

Euromoney, December 2016 Bravo, Goldman Sachs, for emerging victorious from the Libyan Investment Authority’s more than $1 billion […]
28 October, 2016

Libya: LIA Loses the Goldman Sachs Case

Euromoney, October 2016 In the end, staff at the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) just weren’t stupid enough. That’s […]
1 April, 2016

Libya’s Dickens of a Muddle

Euromoney, April 2016 Charles Dickens’ Bleak House rests upon a lawsuit so old and tangled that everyone who […]
20 October, 2015

Libya Sovereign Fund Leaders Cross Swords in Court

Emerging Markets IMF editions, October 2015  If it is true that Libya has arrived at a national unity […]
1 October, 2015

Emerging Markets: Analysing the Outcomes of the Arab Spring

Emerging Markets, IMF Editions, October 215 The Arab Spring was supposed to elevate a host of nations from […]
1 October, 2015

Emerging Markets: How ISIS has Affected MENA Economies

Emerging Markets, IMF Editions, October 2015 The steady rise of ISIS has caused shockwaves across the Middle East. […]
23 August, 2015

Libyan Investment Authority: Bouhadi’s View

Forbes.com, August 23 2015 To read it at Forbes.com, click here and here
23 July, 2015

Inside Libya: Interview With LIA Chairman Breish

Forbes.com, July 23 2015 Read it at Forbes.com here and here and Hasan Bouhadi’s response here
1 June, 2015

Libya Lost in Legal Labyrinth

Euromoney, June 2015 Regular readers of Euromoney will be familiar with the David and Goliath act under way […]
1 May, 2015

LIA’s legal fights undermined by infighting

Emerging Markets, May 2015 The Libyan Investment Authority’s multi billion-pound claims against Goldman Sachs and Societe Generale, both […]
1 January, 2015

Euromoney: Goldman Must Open its Books on Libya

Euromoney, January 2015 The various cases between the Libyan Investment Authority, Goldman Sachs and Societe Generale are rife […]