17 August, 2011
Purisima’s Philippine balancing act
16 November, 2022

How Georgia turned a neighbour’s war to its economic advantage

Euromoney, November 16 2022 The country has one of the world’s best-performing economies with one of the few […]
16 February, 2021

How bond gridlock in Laos speaks to global problems

Euromoney, February 16 2021 Laos has twice postponed a bond that it badly needs to issue. A small […]
18 January, 2021

Iran’s Banks Cautious as Biden Replaces Trump

Euromoney, January 18 2021 Donald Trump reversed a deal that would have brought Iran back into the international […]
21 September, 2020

Finance and the Philippines: Diokno wants an A after Covid

Asiamoney, September 21 2020 There’s a team made up of staff from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the […]
17 September, 2020

Charles Li: How Hong Kong is Logging Market Records in the Face of China and US Tension

Euromoney, September 17 2020 Everything points to intense pressure for Hong Kong’s markets: global pandemic, geopolitics, local unrest. […]
25 October, 2019

The Impact of Hong Kong Unrest on Finance: Not Fear but Inconvenience

Euromoney, October 25 2019 Life goes on, but with extra security, incongruous graffiti and smashed ATMs A finance […]
18 September, 2019

Why India is as Risky as it Ever Was

Euromoney, September 18 2019 Some uncomfortable conclusions arise from a close look at Euromoney’s country risk data for […]
16 September, 2019

Malaysia Turns Again to the Indispensable Zeti

Euromoney, September 16 2019 After the challenges of Asian and global financial crises and the 1MDB scandal, Zeti […]
12 September, 2019

Kurdistan Readies for Post-ISIS Future

Euromoney, September 12 2019 It’s not long ago that Kurdistan was on the brink of accessing the international […]
27 August, 2019

India: Assessing Arun Jaitley’s Legacy

Euromoney, August 27 2019 Introduction of the GST and demonetization mean Jaitley had a far bigger impact on […]
15 May, 2019

Pakistan IMF Bailout Comes as Foreign Banks Eye Opportunity

Euromoney, May 15 2019 The bidding for Pakistan’s power plant privatization shows that the country’s problems aren’t putting […]
15 May, 2019

Take Note: Even the Reserve Bank of Australia Needs Sub-Editors

Euromoney, May 15 2019 See the full article here: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1fdm5mm7w5s8h/take-note-even-the-reserve-bank-of-australia-needs-sub-editors Central banks have a lot to do – controlling […]