23 December, 2016
Pharaoh and Loathing
23 December, 2016

Pharaoh and Loathing

Discovery Channel Magazine History’s cloak and dagger race for the spoils of ancient Egypt proved to be as […]
1 October, 2015

Emerging Markets: Analysing the Outcomes of the Arab Spring

Emerging Markets, IMF Editions, October 215 The Arab Spring was supposed to elevate a host of nations from […]
1 September, 2015

How Egypt’s Stock Exchange Stepped Back From the Brink

CFA Magazine, September 2015 There was a time, for about 20 years until 1930, when Egypt boasted the […]
3 August, 2015

Egypt’s Suez Canal Achievement Shows Economic Progress – But What About Security?

Forbes.com, August 3 2015 To read it at Forbes.com, click here
1 August, 2015

Hashim on CIB and a New Egypt: “The Worst is Very Much Behind Us”

Euromoney, August 2015  Behind Hashim Ezz Al-Arab’s desk at the Commercial International Bank headquarters in Giza, among the […]
1 May, 2015

Egypt: Gaining Economic Traction Despite It All

Euromoney, May 2015 A curious place these days, Egypt. Politically, it continues to make liberal-minded observers queasy, whether […]
1 May, 2015

Moody’s explains Egypt upgrade

Emerging Markets, May 2015 The rating agency Moody’s has explained to Emerging Markets the rationale for upgrading Egypt […]
1 November, 2014

Discovery Channel Magazine: The Lasting Lure of Egypt

Discovery Channel Magazine, November 2014 The heat is stuffy and stifling in the low and narrow tunnel as […]
1 July, 2014

Euromoney Middle East Awards for Excellence, 2014

Euromoney, July 2014 BEST BANK IN THE MIDDLE EAST – Qatar National Bank This is no longer a […]
23 June, 2014

Egypt Deteriorates: Death Sentences and Silenced Media as the Spiral Continues

Forbes.com, June 23 2014 To read this article, click here:
1 August, 2013

Euromoney: Egypt’s post-revolution revolution and the markets

Euromoney, August 2013 After a second revolution in two and a half years, Egypt’s new interim government has […]
1 July, 2013

Euromoney Middle East awards for excellence, 2013

Euromoney, July 2013  BEST FLOW HOUSE, MIDDLE EAST: Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank stands out for its dominance in […]