4 October, 2019

Is Kant’s State Bank of India Background a Tougher Gig than the World Bank?

Euromoney, July 16 2019 Anshula Kant’s background at SBI means that she is uniquely prepared for her new […]
30 September, 2019

Trump’s Idea to Ban Chinese Listings Won’t Upset Asian Exchanges

Euromoney, September 30 2019 It might not happen, but if the US president were to stop Asian firms […]
18 September, 2019

Why India is as Risky as it Ever Was

Euromoney, September 18 2019 Some uncomfortable conclusions arise from a close look at Euromoney’s country risk data for […]
16 September, 2019

Malaysia Turns Again to the Indispensable Zeti

Euromoney, September 16 2019 After the challenges of Asian and global financial crises and the 1MDB scandal, Zeti […]
12 September, 2019

Kurdistan Readies for Post-ISIS Future

Euromoney, September 12 2019 It’s not long ago that Kurdistan was on the brink of accessing the international […]
12 September, 2019

The Places That Finance Forgot

Euromoney, September 12 2019 Countries fall off the global financial grid for a host of reasons: political obtuseness, […]
27 August, 2019

India: Assessing Arun Jaitley’s Legacy

Euromoney, August 27 2019 Introduction of the GST and demonetization mean Jaitley had a far bigger impact on […]
22 August, 2019

HSBC Needs Balance and Guile in Hong Kong and China

Euromoney, August 22 2019 HSBC is stuck between several rocks and several more hard places. Full article: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1gtqmbpfdzmk9/hsbc-needs-balance-and-guile-in-hong-kong-and-china?copyrightInfo=true […]
1 August, 2019

The Shorts-Wearing Banker who Built a Unique Hotel

AFR Sophisticated Traveller, August 1 2019 See the article as it ran here https://www.afr.com/life-and-luxury/travel/the-shorts-wearing-banker-who-built-a-unique-hotel-20190715-p527hv This is the version as […]
22 July, 2019

Inside UOB’s New Era

Euromoney, July 22 2019 UOB is run by three generations of the Wee family, with a fourth in […]
19 July, 2019

Why India’s Essar Decision Could Kill the Distressed Debt Market Before it Starts

Euromoney, July 19 2019 The insolvency and bankruptcy code is supposed to do wonderful things for India, but […]
11 July, 2019

Crypto: BitMex v Roubini Heads for Celebrity Deathmatch

Euromoney, July 11 2019 Read the full story here https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1g6rmhrfkbwm1/cryptocurrency-bitmex-v-roubini-heads-for-celebrity-deathmatch Well, this escalated quickly. In July Arthur Hayes, founder […]