1 April, 2016
Scale of Gulf-Wide Credit Crunch Becomes Clear
1 April, 2016

Scale of Gulf-Wide Credit Crunch Becomes Clear

Euromoney, April 2016 The extent of the Middle East’s liquidity crunch is coming into focus, as bond redemptions […]
29 February, 2016

Global Capital Middle East Report: Rich States Adjust to Harsher Climate as Oil Keeps Flowing

Global Capital, February 2016 The Gulf states are steadily coming to terms with a new and most unwelcome […]
1 February, 2016

Kuwait’s Banks Brace for Property Crash

Euromoney, February 2016 The list of emerging markets that are vulnerable in these uncertain times is a long […]
1 December, 2015

Middle East Liquidity Crunch Starts to Bite

Euromoney, December 2016   Read it at Euromoney.com here  Middle East liquidity is facing an increasingly stern test […]
1 April, 2015

Cerulli Global Edge: How Sovereign Wealth Funds Outsource

Cerulli Associates, Global Edge   Key points: Sovereign wealth funds have a range of different approaches to external […]
1 March, 2015

Euromoney: Kuwait at a crossroads

Euromoney, April 2015 How to read the outlook for Kuwait and its banking sector? Positive: vast oil wealth, […]
1 September, 2014

The Many Banking Strategies of the Middle East

Euromoney, September 2014 For all its economic and cultural diversity, the Arab world is a more homogenous region […]
1 July, 2014

Euromoney Middle East Awards for Excellence, 2014

Euromoney, July 2014 BEST BANK IN THE MIDDLE EAST – Qatar National Bank This is no longer a […]
1 April, 2014

Asiamoney Islamic finance awards 2014

Asiamoney, April 2014 Best bank in Asia: CIMB CIMB remains the Islamic bank with the greatest pan-Asean strength, […]
1 February, 2014

Euromoney Islamic finance awards 2014

Euromoney, February 2014 Chris Wright Best Islamic Bank in Middle East, Best Islamic Bank in the UAE WINNER: […]
1 January, 2014

Gulf Bank: What next for a bank brought back from the brink?

Euromoney, January 2014 When Michel Accad announced his resignation from Gulf Bank in October, it was a signal […]
1 November, 2013

Gulf Bank CEO resigns after four-year clean-up

Euromoney, November 2013 Michel Accad has resigned as CEO of Gulf Bank, one of Kuwait’s biggest banks, saying […]