9 May, 2019

Asia ’97: The Financial Crisis that Left its Mark for Good

Euromoney, May 9 2019 Read the full article here: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1f7pksth48x10/asia-3997-the-financial-crisis-that-left-its-mark-for-good The Asian financial crisis of 1997/98 was the region’s […]
9 May, 2019

50 Years of Asia: Is it time for Asian banks to go global?

Euromoney, May 9 2019 Read the full article here: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1f7nn2qq5x3zt/is-it-time-for-asian-banks-to-go-global As Asia’s share of world GDP and global capital […]
9 May, 2019

50 Years of Asia: Piyush Gupta

Euromoney, May 9 2019 Read the full story here: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1f9jq9pmld8c1/piyush-gupta-challenges-are-not-all-digital DBS and, in particular, its chief executive, Piyush Gupta, […]
9 May, 2019

Fifty years of Asia: The Region that Roared

Euromoney, May 9 2019 Read the full article here including links to 29 related articles: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1f7p2l89x59gt/fifty-years-of-asia-the-region-that-roared?copyrightInfo=true When Euromoney […]
18 October, 2018

Asia is Sanguine About Global Shocks

Euromoney, October 2018 Two themes, a sort of call-and-response, dominated the IMF annual meetings in Bali in October. […]
10 October, 2018

ANZ Says it is Back in Asia

Euromoney, November 2018 The bank has sold most of what it wanted to in the region, but faces […]
9 October, 2018

Asia Private Banking Debate

Euromoney, October 2018 See this roundtable here
1 March, 2018

Rancour Behind the Records in Asian High Yield

Euromoney, March 2018 Last year was a record for high yield in Asia, and 2018 has started strongly […]
15 July, 2008

Asian stocks for the rebound

Australian Financial Review, July 2008 It’s all turning to custard in Asia. Stock markets have plunged this year: […]