2 December, 2011
Microfinance – up close and personal
22 October, 2021

Runners and riders as Citi Asia sales reach bid deadline

Euromoney, October 22 2021 We have reached the bidding deadline for Citi’s retail assets in Asia, and the […]
21 September, 2021

Australia: Investors and corporates takes the ESG steps the government won’t

Euromoney, September 21 2021  Australia is not the first country that comes to mind with regards to climate […]
17 April, 2018

Belt and Road: The Debt Threat

Euromoney, April 2018 Countries are queueing to accept Chinese lending for Belt and Road infrastructure projects. But could […]
26 September, 2017

Making Sense of Belt and Road

Euromoney, September 2017 China’s Belt and Road Initiative is so vast and ambitious it can be difficult to […]
23 December, 2016

The High Road to Kyrgyzstan

Discovery Channel Magazine It is one of the highest and craziest drives in the world, which is why […]
1 October, 2015

Emerging Markets: China’s New Silk Road Big on Ambition, But is Anything Happening?

Emerging markets, IMF editions, October 2015 For two years now, evocative maps of ancient trade routes have been […]
3 May, 2014

Frontier Markets Outdo Emerging Investment

Emerging Markets, ADB editions, May 2014 Frontier markets are now recognised as a sustainable asset class that is […]
26 November, 2013

Forbes: Iran: When investment markets come in from the cold

Forbes.com, November 26 2013 Click here for this article
1 March, 2012

The high road to Kyrgyzstan

Discovery Channel Magazine, March 2012 It is two in the morning when we blow a tyre, four thousand […]
2 December, 2011

Microfinance – up close and personal

Euromoney, December 2011 Microfinance has its problems, but it can drive the economies of developing nations. So what […]
28 September, 2011

Los Angeles Times: Darvaza photo essay

1 December, 2010

Welcome to the gates of hell

Discovery Channel Magazine, December 2010 The locals call it the gates of hell. And you don’t have to […]