9 October, 2018
Scoring the Santiago Principles as they Turn 10
9 October, 2018

Scoring the Santiago Principles as they Turn 10

Euromoney, October 2018 The Santiago Principles have elevated governance in sovereign wealth funds – but not consistently across […]
29 February, 2016

Global Capital Middle East Report: Cash Strapped Governments Look to Project Finance

Global Capital, February 2016 For the first time in a generation, governments in the Gulf may need more […]
29 February, 2016

Global Capital Middle East Report: Rich States Adjust to Harsher Climate as Oil Keeps Flowing

Global Capital, February 2016 The Gulf states are steadily coming to terms with a new and most unwelcome […]
1 February, 2016

Qatar Financial Centre: From Differentiation Pains to Diversification Gains?

Euromoney, February 2016 There is a new website at the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). ’10 Years’, the home […]
1 January, 2016

What Exactly are the Santiago Principles For?

Euromoney, January 2016   Peter Costello faced a challenging gig. The chairman of the Future Fund, and better […]
1 January, 2016

GCC Liquidity: Islamic Advantage

Euromoney op-ed, January 2016 Islamic banks in the GCC may have two advantages over their conventional counterparts at […]
20 October, 2015

Calls for Sovereign Funds to Follow Santiago Principles

Emerging Markets, IMF editions, Emerging Markets The chairman of Australia’s Future Fund sovereign wealth fund has called for […]
1 October, 2015

Emerging Markets: Low Oil Prices and the Middle East Capital Markets

Emerging Markets, IMF Editions, October 2015 It is an unfortunate coincidence that at exactly the point when Saudi […]
29 September, 2015

Has the Qatar Investment Authority Really Lost $12 Billion?

Forbes.com, September 29 2015 Read it at Forbes.com here
1 September, 2015

Middle East Asset Management Prepares to Take Place on World Stage

Euromoney, September 2015 For many years, asset management in the Middle East has been something of an afterthought […]
1 July, 2015

Is Transparency Coming to the QIA at Last?

Euromoney, July 2015 There is a tantalising new link on the Qatar Investment Authority’s web site. At the […]
25 June, 2015

Why Qatar Bought Claridge’s

Forbes.com, April 24 2015 To read this article on Forbes.com, click here