17 September, 2017
Life at the Sharp End of Climate Change
16 October, 2018

Russian Space Tourism Takes Off on the Kazakh Steppe

AFR Sophisticated Traveller, October 2018 The only place you can see humans launched into space today is in […]
18 September, 2017

Can Finance Save the World’s Vulnerable Nations?

Euromoney, September 2017 Climate change finance is a jigsaw that must be assembled by thousands of people who […]
17 September, 2017

Life at the Sharp End of Climate Change

Euromoney, September 2017 “This is the highest point in Tarawa!” says Tetiria Kireua. “Three metres!” We are on […]
1 July, 2016

Five Years In, Apple CEO Tim Cook Needs New Stories

July 2016   August 24 will mark five years since Tim Cook succeeded Steve Jobs as chief executive […]
8 November, 2015

After They Were Famous: What Happened Next?

The Guardian/The Observer, Inner Life section, November 8 2015 Read this on The Guardian site here One day […]
1 October, 2015

Life After Triumph

IntheBlack, October 2015   Departing CEOs must face a crushing sense of: “now what?” Having lived and breathed […]
17 August, 2015

From Performer Sylvie Guillem to the Apollo Astronauts, How do People Move On from a Moment of Fame

The Independent, August 17 2015  As dance lovers will know, they are reaching the end of an era. […]
1 August, 2015

The Business Lessons from People Who Move On From Greatness

HQ Asia, September 2015 There are a handful of people in the world who will always rest in […]
1 June, 2015

How Anders Went From Apollo 8 to General Dynamics’ Most Famous Sale

Euromoney, June 2015 Front End  Those who are pondering life after banking might be puzzled about the way […]
1 June, 2015

So You Landed On The Moon Or Saved Hundreds Of Lives In A Plane Crash – What Next?

Australian Financial Review, May 2015 It was in the town of Dora, Oregon, population 10, in a room […]
1 May, 2015

The story of the Battle of Britain – one of history’s true turning points

Discovery Channel Magazine, May 2015 History is full of moments we might call turning points: days that signalled […]
1 April, 2015

Discovery Channel Magazine: What’s Down There? The Bottom of the Sea

Discovery Channel Magazine, April 2015 We have a tendency to look up before we look down. Most people […]