17 September, 2017
Life at the Sharp End of Climate Change
24 November, 2022

Rum & Coal

Rum & Coal Calvi Publishing, November 2022 One day in 2019, I was contacted by Amanda Talbot, widow […]
20 June, 2020

Money and the Moonshot

Euromoney, June 2020 A new Euromoney podcast series traces the relationship between space and the private sector, from […]
7 January, 2019

Why Djibouti’s China Debt is Raising the Alarm

Euromoney, January 7 2019 Warning sirens are sounding about the level of debt Djibouti owes to China for […]
16 October, 2018

Russian Space Tourism Takes Off on the Kazakh Steppe

AFR Sophisticated Traveller, October 2018 The only place you can see humans launched into space today is in […]
18 September, 2017

Can Finance Save the World’s Vulnerable Nations?

Euromoney, September 2017 Climate change finance is a jigsaw that must be assembled by thousands of people who […]
17 September, 2017

Life at the Sharp End of Climate Change

Euromoney, September 2017 “This is the highest point in Tarawa!” says Tetiria Kireua. “Three metres!” We are on […]
23 December, 2016

The Big Drill

Discovery Channel Magazine In the extreme south, a team of determined scientists in search of the mysteries of […]
23 December, 2016

Flight: Mankind’s Six Steps to Greatness

Discovery Channel Magazine For many, flight still has a childlike air of the magical about it. As an […]
23 December, 2016

Start Me Up

Discovery Channel Magazine Among the iconic inventions of our time, few have given us more fun and freedom […]
23 December, 2016

The King of the Skies

Discovery Channel Magazine He was the original action man –  a master of the air, and the perfect […]
23 December, 2016

Outside the Box

Discovery Channel Magazine From declarations of war, the euphoria of seeing the first man on the moon, or […]
23 December, 2016

Fusion to the Rescue?

Discovery Channel Magazine What if one game-changing invention promised to solve our energy needs – and our pollution problems […]