14 November, 2022

ADB: In West Java, an energy transition landmark

Euromoney, November 14 2022 Saving the planet requires shutting down coal plants while also ensuring the livelihood of […]
9 May, 2019

How Multilateral Development Banks Moved to Asia

Euromoney, May 9 2019 Read the full article here: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1f9w2kjgk5f6s/how-multilateral-development-banks-moved-to-asia The alphabet soup of multilaterals in the region has […]
1 May, 2009

ADB fights corruption within and without

IFR Asia, May 2009 It’s widely accepted that corruption is a problem in the developing world, and that […]
5 May, 2008

Food funds under scrutiny

Emerging Markets, ADB annual meeting, Madrid, May 2008 Investment products and practices that seek to benefit from rising […]
5 May, 2008

NGOs want Equator Principles from ADB

Emerging Markets, ADB Annual Meeting, Madrid 2008 NGO groups are calling for changes to the ADB’s Safeguard Policy […]
5 May, 2008

ADB to launch private sector carbon fund

Emerging Markets, ADB annual meeting, Madrid, May 2008 The Asian Development Bank is to launch a new $200 […]
5 May, 2008

Whistleblower claims ADB fraud in Afghanistan

Emerging Markets, ADB editions, Madrid, May 2009 A former ADB consultant is in Madrid with a list of […]
1 May, 2008

ADB wants to get private sector into Asian infrastructure

IFR Asia, ADB edition, May 2008 In one corner: Asia’s vast savings pools. In the other: Asia’s equally […]