10 April, 2012
Reality bites: the truth about investment banking in Asia
10 December, 2020

HSBC: Treading Carefully

Euromoney, December 10 2020 This is part of the Euromoney 25 series HSBC has had a difficult 2020 […]
3 December, 2020

Counting the Cost of Ant’s Torpedoed IPO

Euromoney, December 3 2020 Nobody had more to lose from the suspension of the Ant float than the […]
29 September, 2020

Why is Private Banking so Different?

Asiamoney, September 29 2020 This is part of the Asiamoney Women in Banking report If there is a […]
17 September, 2020

Charles Li: How Hong Kong is Logging Market Records in the Face of China and US Tension

Euromoney, September 17 2020 Everything points to intense pressure for Hong Kong’s markets: global pandemic, geopolitics, local unrest. […]
28 August, 2020

Behind the Scenes of the Ant Group IPO Sponsor List

Euromoney, August 28 2020 Euromoney has moaned before about the absurd level of redaction in Hong Kong listing […]
11 November, 2019

Lowy Warns on India ‘Financing Catastrophe’

Euromoney, November 11 2019 It was a bold call to launch a specialist credit business in Asia in […]
25 October, 2019

The Impact of Hong Kong Unrest on Finance: Not Fear but Inconvenience

Euromoney, October 25 2019 Life goes on, but with extra security, incongruous graffiti and smashed ATMs A finance […]
22 August, 2019

HSBC Needs Balance and Guile in Hong Kong and China

Euromoney, August 22 2019 HSBC is stuck between several rocks and several more hard places. Full article: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1gtqmbpfdzmk9/hsbc-needs-balance-and-guile-in-hong-kong-and-china?copyrightInfo=true […]
11 July, 2019

Crypto: BitMex v Roubini Heads for Celebrity Deathmatch

Euromoney, July 11 2019 Read the full story here https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1g6rmhrfkbwm1/cryptocurrency-bitmex-v-roubini-heads-for-celebrity-deathmatch Well, this escalated quickly. In July Arthur Hayes, founder […]
1 July, 2019

BitMEX: A Bitcoin Journey from Bags of Cash to the Cheung Kong Center

Euromoney, July 1 2019 Arthur Hayes felt the golden days of finance had gone by the time he […]
21 June, 2019

Johnson and Wood Lead CLSA March to Jefferies

Euromoney, June 21, 2019 The exodus of staff from CLSA is gathering pace. Full article: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1fybmq1n9brtl/johnson-and-wood-lead-clsa-march-to-jefferies?copyrightInfo=true The exodus […]
17 June, 2019

Lost in Translation: Has a Comment on Pigs Cost UBS a Bond Deal?

June 17, 2019 A UBS economist made an innocuous comment about swine flu in China, and five days […]