5 May, 2011
Emerging Markets: Timor to revamp sovereign fund, PNG to launch one
8 December, 2020

Slim Pickings in ADIA’s Dated Review

Euromoney, December 8 2020 In the final month of 2020, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (Adia) has just […]
6 October, 2020

CIC’s Annual Report Recalls a Bygone Era

Euromoney, October 6 2020 Sovereign wealth funds, with their long reporting time, tend to put out annual reports […]
28 July, 2020

What GIC’s Annual Results Tell Us About Sovereign Wealth Under Covid-19

July 28 2020 The sovereign wealth fund is withdrawing to cash, has seen a once-in-a-generation drawdown and is positioning […]
21 July, 2020

Temasek Result Gives a Window into Sovereign Wealth Strategy Through Covid

Euromoney, July 21 2020 The Singaporean investment company made a loss – but an impressive one in the […]
9 July, 2019

The Key Number in the Temasek Report

Euromoney, July 9 2019 Divestments at the Singaporean sovereign wealth vehicle tell a story of a tough investment […]
3 July, 2019

Unpacking the GIC Result: Why All That Effort Gets Only 3.4%

Euromoney, July 3 2019 Should an institution with all that scale and ability be delivering more than this? […]
9 May, 2019

Lifting the Lid on Singapore’s GIC

Euromoney, May 9 2019 Read the full article here: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1f9hfdkhkzh7n/asia-sovereign-wealth-funds-lifting-the-lid-on-singapores-gic In a rare interview, chief executive Lim Chow Kiat […]
2 November, 2018

Goldman Bank in the 1MDB Swamp After Leissner and Ng Charges

Euromoney, November 2018 The charge sheets against former Goldman Sachs employees also appear to identify a senior figure […]
9 October, 2018

Scoring the Santiago Principles as they Turn 10

Euromoney, October 2018 The Santiago Principles have elevated governance in sovereign wealth funds – but not consistently across […]
24 September, 2018

Asia’s GFC Deals 10 Years On – So Who Won?

Euromoney, September 24 2018 The global financial crisis, despite its weighty worldwide name, was really a crisis of […]
1 May, 2018

1MDB: Anything But a Sign of Equanimity

Euromoney, May 2018 The aftermath of the 1MDB scandal has involved no end of wonderful plunder. So far […]
1 April, 2018

EPF’s Shahril Slams Sarawak Report Allegations

Euromoney, April 2018 The EPF has, like Bank Negara, generally been seen as one of Malaysia’s best institutions, […]