10 April, 2012
Reality bites: the truth about investment banking in Asia
3 December, 2020

Counting the Cost of Ant’s Torpedoed IPO

Euromoney, December 3 2020 Nobody had more to lose from the suspension of the Ant float than the […]
4 November, 2020

Green Finance, China-Style

Euromoney, November 4 2019 October brought a curious twist on the sustainable financing theme, when a Chinese oil […]
21 October, 2020

Westpac’s China Reversal is Another Boomerang Policy

Euromoney, October 21 2020 Westpac’s decision to shut its operations in Hong Kong and China continues the steady […]
15 October, 2020

Brics Economies and the Commonalities of Change

Euromoney, October 15 2020 This was a panel at the Euromoney Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Virtual […]
6 October, 2020

CIC’s Annual Report Recalls a Bygone Era

Euromoney, October 6 2020 Sovereign wealth funds, with their long reporting time, tend to put out annual reports […]
28 August, 2020

Behind the Scenes of the Ant Group IPO Sponsor List

Euromoney, August 28 2020 Euromoney has moaned before about the absurd level of redaction in Hong Kong listing […]
21 October, 2019

China Joint Venture Timetable is Still on Track

Euromoney, October 21 2019 Many thought the trade war would have derailed the promise by the CSRC to […]
20 October, 2019

The Other Side of Everest

AFR Sophisticated Traveller, October 2019 Mount Everest has had a bad press of late. There have been too […]
30 September, 2019

Trump’s Idea to Ban Chinese Listings Won’t Upset Asian Exchanges

Euromoney, September 30 2019 It might not happen, but if the US president were to stop Asian firms […]
22 August, 2019

HSBC Needs Balance and Guile in Hong Kong and China

Euromoney, August 22 2019 HSBC is stuck between several rocks and several more hard places. Full article: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1gtqmbpfdzmk9/hsbc-needs-balance-and-guile-in-hong-kong-and-china?copyrightInfo=true […]
21 June, 2019

From Baoshang to Trade Wars to Local Government: Mapping China’s Toxic Debt

Euromoney, June 21 2019 Is China heading for a Lehman Brothers moment? No, but that doesn’t mean its […]
21 June, 2019

Shanghai Tech Board Prepares for Liftoff as Suzhou HYC Starts Roadshow

Euromoney, June 21 2019 On Friday, Suzhou HYC set off on a roadshow for a landmark IPO: the […]