10 April, 2012
Reality bites: the truth about investment banking in Asia
21 June, 2021

Paytm IPO highlights Chinese, Indian regulatory attitudes after Ant fiasco

Euromoney, June 21 2021 Paytm, whose largest shareholder is Ant Group/Alibaba, could raise India’s largest-ever IPO. It should […]
16 April, 2021

Citi’s Asia closures may make sense today – but at what future cost?

Euromoney, April 16 2021, with Elliot Wilson Jane Fraser’s decision to exit 13 Asian and EMEA retail markets […]
23 February, 2021

Why HSBC’s Asia pivot must mean more than just Greater China

Euromoney, February 23 2021 As we’ve said before, HSBC’s ‘pivot to Asia’ strategy is nothing new. One could […]
3 December, 2020

Counting the Cost of Ant’s Torpedoed IPO

Euromoney, December 3 2020 Nobody had more to lose from the suspension of the Ant float than the […]
4 November, 2020

Green Finance, China-Style

Euromoney, November 4 2019 October brought a curious twist on the sustainable financing theme, when a Chinese oil […]
21 October, 2020

Westpac’s China Reversal is Another Boomerang Policy

Euromoney, October 21 2020 Westpac’s decision to shut its operations in Hong Kong and China continues the steady […]
15 October, 2020

Brics Economies and the Commonalities of Change

Euromoney, October 15 2020 This was a panel at the Euromoney Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Virtual […]
6 October, 2020

CIC’s Annual Report Recalls a Bygone Era

Euromoney, October 6 2020 Sovereign wealth funds, with their long reporting time, tend to put out annual reports […]
28 August, 2020

Behind the Scenes of the Ant Group IPO Sponsor List

Euromoney, August 28 2020 Euromoney has moaned before about the absurd level of redaction in Hong Kong listing […]
21 October, 2019

China Joint Venture Timetable is Still on Track

Euromoney, October 21 2019 Many thought the trade war would have derailed the promise by the CSRC to […]
20 October, 2019

The Other Side of Everest

AFR Sophisticated Traveller, October 2019 Mount Everest has had a bad press of late. There have been too […]
30 September, 2019

Trump’s Idea to Ban Chinese Listings Won’t Upset Asian Exchanges

Euromoney, September 30 2019 It might not happen, but if the US president were to stop Asian firms […]