17 September, 2017
Life at the Sharp End of Climate Change
1 August, 2019

The Shorts-Wearing Banker who Built a Unique Hotel

AFR Sophisticated Traveller, August 1 2019 See the article as it ran here https://www.afr.com/life-and-luxury/travel/the-shorts-wearing-banker-who-built-a-unique-hotel-20190715-p527hv This is the version as […]
16 October, 2018

World Bank IMF: Pity the Holidaymaker

Euromoney, October 16 208 Read the full article here Pity the holidaymaker who opted for a peaceful break […]
16 October, 2018

Russian Space Tourism Takes Off on the Kazakh Steppe

AFR Sophisticated Traveller, October 2018 The only place you can see humans launched into space today is in […]
1 April, 2018

Ningaloo: Australia’s Secret Reef

www.travelwrighter.com, April 2018 Read the whole article here While concerns grow about the health of the Great Barrier […]
1 March, 2018

Katong: The Funky Singapore District at the Sweet Spot of Gentrification

Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald, March 2018 The Peranakan people are all about cultural collision.   The Peranakan […]
1 March, 2018

Lake Baikal: Siberia’s Frozen Jewel

www.travelwrighter.com, March 2018 Read the whole article here Alexei the driver puts the jeep onto the ice at […]
17 September, 2017

Life at the Sharp End of Climate Change

Euromoney, September 2017 “This is the highest point in Tarawa!” says Tetiria Kireua. “Three metres!” We are on […]
1 November, 2016

The Mersey Beat

Qantas Magazine, November 2016   Back in the early 1980s, the playwright Alan Bleasdale was looking for an […]
1 November, 2016

Where to Eat in Hong Kong Right Now: The 22 Hot Spots

Qantas Travel Insider, November 2016 Read this article here
1 October, 2016

Shangri-La Rises From the Ashes

AFR Sophisticated Traveller, October 2016 Below is the text as filed. To see the article as it ran, […]
1 September, 2016

The 10 Best Places to Eat in Kuala Lumpur

Qantas Travel Insider, September 2016 Read this article here
3 June, 2016

Restaurant Review, Whitegrass, Singapore

Qantas Travel Insider, June 3 2016 Read the review here