1 December, 2011
Diary of a CFD Trader
1 January, 2018

Euromoney Alternative Awards: The Most Tenuous Belt and Road Deal

Euromoney, January 2018 See the whole Euromoney Alternative Awards here China Development Bank, White Rock Wind Farm, Australia […]
1 January, 2018

Euromoney Alternative Awards: The Matt Damon in “Downsizing” Award for Shrinking Your Bank

Euromoney, January 2018 See the whole Alternative Awards series here Shayne Elliott listens to his shareholders. The ANZ […]
4 December, 2017

Australia Gets its Royal Commission – But to What End?

Euromoney, December 4 2018 Australian banks will face a year-long review into their conduct, but it’s not clear […]
14 November, 2017

What Asia League Tables Tell us as the Year Draws to a Close

Euromoney, November 14 2017 Several trends emerge from the year-to-date league tables, and not everyone will like them Click […]
28 September, 2017

Xinja Aims to Shake Up Australian Banking

Euromoney, September 2017 “There is a statue of a man on a bench reading a newspaper in Australia […]
20 August, 2017

Narev Prepares to Leave Commonwealth Bank

Euromoney, August 20, 2017 “We are getting Australia’s version of the global zeitgeist about big business and big […]
1 August, 2017

NAB’s Jana Sale Shows Evolving Superannuation Market

Euromoney, August 1 2017 In July, National Australia Bank (NAB) agreed to sell 55% of its asset consulting […]
28 July, 2017

Future Fund Finds the Unconventional Pays

Euromoney, July 28 2017 When Australia’s Future Fund was established as a national sovereign wealth fund in 2006, […]
1 June, 2017

Macquarie’s Masters of Reinvention

Euromoney, June 2017 There has rarely been a transformation of a bank as dramatic as the one Nicholas […]
28 February, 2017

Premier to Customer Office? Baird’s NAB Move Explained

Euromoney, February 2017 At a press conference in Melbourne on Tuesday, National Australia Bank (NAB) announced three new […]
1 February, 2017

BEPS in the Boardroom: Cracking Down on Multinational Tax Avoidance

IntheBlack, February 2017 Read it as it ran here Has there ever been a global tax initiative as […]
1 December, 2016

CSR’s Blue Sky Thinking

Euromoney, December 2016 At BNP Paribas’s recent Sustainable Future Forum in Singapore every presentation was prefaced by a […]