1 December, 2011
Diary of a CFD Trader
16 December, 2020

Xinja’s Australian Neobank Dream Comes to an End

Euromoney, December 16 2020 Xinja, the neobank launched amid an Australia banking crisis and with a vision to […]
10 December, 2020

Macquarie Bank: Adapting as Always

Euromoney, December 10 2020 This is part of the Euromoney 25 Series Australian banks in general are coming […]
3 December, 2020

Macquarie Continues Journey from IB to Asset Manager with US Acquisition

Euromoney, December 3 2020 Macquarie-watchers have long known that the Australia-based institution is now more of a global […]
21 October, 2020

Westpac’s China Reversal is Another Boomerang Policy

Euromoney, October 21 2020 Westpac’s decision to shut its operations in Hong Kong and China continues the steady […]
13 October, 2020

Barrenjoey Launch Spells Further Bad News for UBS

Euromoney, October 13 2020 Regular readers will recall the fun to be had in Australia working out the […]
24 August, 2020

Private equity: Virgin Australia and the Brutal Break Fee

Euromoney, August 24 2020 The sale of Virgin Australia to Bain Capital appears a little closer after bondholders, […]
14 August, 2020

Jarden and Credit Suisse go their Separate Ways in Australia

Euromoney, August 14 2020 A 30-year alliance came to an inevitable end on Friday when Credit Suisse Australia […]
12 August, 2020

Jarden’s Talent Grab is at the Vanguard of a Splintering Australian Industry

Euromoney, August 12, 2020 Australia’s investment banking landscape is changing. A wave of new entrants and boutiques is […]
5 August, 2020

Australian Banks Run Risk of Retiree Mutiny with Dividend Cuts

Euromoney, May 13 2020 No developed market in the world has blue-chip banks paying higher dividends than those […]
23 June, 2020

Australia’s Covid Recovery Gives Banks a Head Start

Euromoney, June 23 2020 Just like the global financial crisis, Australia is emerging from Covid-19 more strongly than […]
21 June, 2019

Johnson and Wood Lead CLSA March to Jefferies

Euromoney, June 21, 2019 The exodus of staff from CLSA is gathering pace. Full article: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1fybmq1n9brtl/johnson-and-wood-lead-clsa-march-to-jefferies?copyrightInfo=true The exodus […]
15 May, 2019

Take Note: Even the Reserve Bank of Australia Needs Sub-Editors

Euromoney, May 15 2019 See the full article here: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b1fdm5mm7w5s8h/take-note-even-the-reserve-bank-of-australia-needs-sub-editors Central banks have a lot to do – controlling […]