2 July, 2011
Cerulli: Islamic funds still ignored by Middle East institutions
19 September, 2018

Impact banking: Putting the Impact Back into Islamic Finance

Euromoney, September 19 2018 Islamic finance has become too focused on getting arcane structures to be technically Shariah […]
12 June, 2018

Mahathir’s Return Puts the Fear into Malaysian Finance

Euromoney, June 12 2018 New policies, new hope – the Malaysian election has lots of positives, but not […]
1 April, 2018

Malaysia’s EPF Puts the Sustainable Into Shariah

Euromoney, April 2018 The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) matters. It is not just that, with RM768.51 billion ($196.6 […]
1 February, 2017

Malaysia Chases the Big Money in Islamic Finance

Euromoney, February 2017 One can make an argument that the only bright spot in Malaysian finance, commerce and […]
1 August, 2016

Why Aren’t Others Catching Malaysia in Sukuk?

Euromoney, August 2016 Malaysia has long dominated both global and domestic sukuk issuance worldwide – a function, it […]
1 August, 2016

Digital Can Be Shariah Compliant

Euromoney, August 2016 Where do digital banking and Islamic finance intersect? One might expect resistance in this intensely […]
25 April, 2016

Euromoney Innovations in Islamic Finance 2016

Euromoney, April 2016 Despite the industry’s wider concentration challenges, Islamic finance can boast some impressive examples of innovation, […]
1 April, 2016

How Islamic Banking Can Drive Australia’s Finance Sector

IntheBlack, April 2016   Imagine a global industry or economy, in these volatile and bruising times, where it […]
1 January, 2016

GCC Liquidity: Islamic Advantage

Euromoney op-ed, January 2016 Islamic banks in the GCC may have two advantages over their conventional counterparts at […]
1 May, 2015

The State of Play in Islamic Finance: Balancing Innovation with Integrity

Euromoney, May 2015 An industry where asset growth regularly nudges 20% a year. But one that has been […]
26 September, 2014

Iran’s Pivotal Moment

Euromoney, September 2014 Iran is at a pivotal moment. The year ahead will determine which path it takes: […]
1 July, 2014

UK Completes its Sukuk – a Statement of Intent

Euromoney, July 2014 The UK sovereign has completed its first sukuk, with considerably more fanfare than scale: the […]