1 December, 2011
Exploring Arundhati Roy’s Kerala
11 October, 2022

How Kotak became a player in special situations

Euromoney, October 11 2022 Kotak Investment Advisors, the special situations arms of Kotak Mahindra, could have $9 billion […]
3 October, 2022

How Chaudhry will use Citi deal to boost Axis ambition

Euromoney, October 03 2022 Amitabh Chaudhry seeks to elevate Axis from its strong position in India to a […]
16 September, 2022

It’s time for India’s economy to shine

Euromoney, September 16 2022 India’s refusal to take a side over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is typical of […]
16 September, 2022

India’s M&A opportunity begins at home

Euromoney, September 16 2022 Where once Indian companies went overseas to seek technology, brand and scale, today – […]
16 September, 2022

India savours the power of the domestic bid

Euromoney, September 16 2022 In previous years, the outflow of foreign portfolio investment that characterized the first seven […]
2 February, 2022

Will LIC prove a new resilience in India ECM?

Euromoney, February 02 2022 The float of LIC will shatter all of India’s records in the equity capital […]
18 November, 2021

Paytm plunge reveals cold new world for Asian fintech leaders

Euromoney, November 18 2021 There was a time when Paytm was the epitome of rising digital Asia, but […]
18 November, 2021

Noel Quinn: Why Asia will mean more than Greater China for HSBC

Euromoney, November 18 2021 Earlier this year HSBC chief executive Noel Quinn pledged $6 billion of investment in […]
6 July, 2021

Fullerton deal a landmark for SMBC – and Japan

Euromoney, July 6 2021 No Japanese bank has had a shot at Indian retail before now. Could this […]
21 June, 2021

Paytm IPO highlights Chinese, Indian regulatory attitudes after Ant fiasco

Euromoney, June 21 2021 Paytm, whose largest shareholder is Ant Group/Alibaba, could raise India’s largest-ever IPO. It should […]
21 June, 2021

Videocon ruling raises questions for India’s insolvency court

Euromoney, June 21 2021 The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was supposed to provide swift and meaningful resolution to […]
16 April, 2021

Citi’s Asia closures may make sense today – but at what future cost?

Euromoney, April 16 2021, with Elliot Wilson Jane Fraser’s decision to exit 13 Asian and EMEA retail markets […]