9 March, 2021
Why the Turkey Wealth Fund is looking to Asia
9 March, 2021

Why the Turkey Wealth Fund is looking to Asia

March 9 2021 Zafer Sönmez was well underway with a long-term plan to model Turkey’s sovereign wealth fund […]
1 October, 2015

Turkey Looks For Light Amid the Gloom

Institutional Investor, IMF edition, Sept/Oct 2015 Turkey finds itself battered by macroeconomic concerns that it can do little […]
1 February, 2015

Euromoney: New Rules Prompt Vakifbank Landmark

Euromoney, February 2015 It didn’t take long for Turkish banks to start taking advantage of the country’s long-awaited […]
8 December, 2014

Forbes.com. What to Buy to Benefit from Low Oil Prices: Turkey

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30 January, 2014

Forbes.com. The Fragile Five fight back: when happens when you double your interest rates overnight

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17 January, 2014

Forbes: After the Fragile Five, the Exposed Eight

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6 January, 2014

Forbes: After the BRICS come the MINTs, but can you make any money from them?

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12 October, 2013

Emerging Markets: Bracing for inflation

Emerging Markets World Bank editions, October 2013 As concerns grow that tapering may lead to inflation flaring up […]
1 October, 2010

Asian Geographic: Giants over time and space

Asian Geographic, October 2010 Deep in the Gobi desert there is a sculpture of a Silk Road messenger […]
24 July, 2010

The Australian Way: Boulder & The Beautiful

The Australian Way, August 2010 On a glorious limestone hillside in Turkey’s Cappadocia, Andrew Rogers is supervising a […]
1 August, 2009

Turkey awaits transformation in asset management

Cerulli Global Edge, August 2009 Turkey’s asset management industry is awaiting a seismic shift. A proposed new law, […]
1 June, 2009

Paying for abuse: inside a Turkish bath

I knew Hasan and I were going to get along when he threw a bucket of water over […]