1 October, 2011
The Cold War lives on
24 September, 2018

Asia’s GFC Deals 10 Years On – So Who Won?

Euromoney, September 24 2018 The global financial crisis, despite its weighty worldwide name, was really a crisis of […]
10 July, 2018

Korea’s Escalating Hiring Fight Could Bring Down Half an Industry

Euromoney, July 10 2018 South Korea has always done scandals very well and its banking sector is in […]
10 April, 2018

The Curious Case of Woori Bank, an Eu8 Billion Lawsuit and an Alleged Letter from Deutsche Bank

Euromoney, April 10 2018 A little-known plaintiff is alleging a truly enormous theft by Woori Bank. Everything about […]
1 February, 2018

Asia Totters on Cryptocurrency Stance

Euromoney, February 2018 The region is a vital part of the world crypto community, mostly as investor and […]
1 December, 2016

Korea’s Chaebol Reform a Rare Bonus for Bankers

Euromoney, December 2016 With deal volumes weak across most of Asia, South Korea’s latest round of chaebol reform […]
1 November, 2016

South Korea: Doosan Dishes Up IPO Dirge

Euromoney, November 2016 In a woeful environment for IPOs in Asia, it would be nice if the ones […]
1 November, 2015

Cerulli Global Edge: Sovereign Funds Polarize on External Managers

Cerulli Associates, Global Edge, November 2015 Sovereign wealth funds are polarizing in their use of external asset managers. […]
1 November, 2014

Cerulli Asia-Pacific Edge: Four Sovereign Wealth Funds With Little in Common

Cerulli Associates Asia-Pacific Edge, November 2014  Asia’s four most powerful sovereign wealth funds offer an interesting case study […]
1 May, 2014

Mirae’s HomeGrown Quest for Regional Domination

Euromoney, May 2014 It is a little over 10 years since the Korea-based asset manager Mirae Asset opened […]
14 November, 2013

FT BeyondBrics. Russia-Korea SWF tie-up: win-win?

FT BeyondBrics, November 14 2013 Read this in the FT here Wednesday’s announcement that Russia and South Korea would […]
14 November, 2013

Forbes: Korea and Russia’s sovereign wealth funds to build private equity together

Forbes.com, November 14 2013 Click here for this article
1 August, 2013

Cerulli Global Edge: Sovereign wealth fund report, August 2013

Cerull Global Edge, August 2013 Sovereign wealth fund report ARTICLE ONE: Allocations Key points: Sovereign wealth funds are […]