6 May, 2011
Emerging Markets: Agus says new Indo infrastructure law coming soon
18 September, 2017

Can Finance Save the World’s Vulnerable Nations?

Euromoney, September 2017 Climate change finance is a jigsaw that must be assembled by thousands of people who […]
12 June, 2017

Belt and Road Forum Brings Clarity but Not Yet Fees

Euromoney, June 12 2017 The B&R forum held in Beijing brought a little clarity to a so far […]
8 June, 2017

China: A Song and Dance for Belt and Road

Euromoney, June 8 2017 China’s landmark Belt and Road Forum – not, we are told, to be abbreviated […]
1 June, 2017

Macquarie’s Masters of Reinvention

Euromoney, June 2017 There has rarely been a transformation of a bank as dramatic as the one Nicholas […]
12 April, 2017

Jin Liqun: China’s Internationalist

Euromoney/Asiamoney, April 2017 A conversation with Jin Liqun, chairman and president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, can […]
7 April, 2017

ADB Hits Half-Century, For Better And Worse

Euromoney, April 2017 Nobody turns 50 without a few aches and pains. You can comfort yourself with the […]
1 January, 2017

2017 Chinese Economy and Investment Outlook Handbook

Euromoney, January 2017 Few countries are so complex to read as China. How can one assess the outlook […]
23 October, 2016

Investing Beyond the Mainstream: Infrastructure

Australian Financial Review, October 2016 Industry super funds and the sovereign Future Fund love infrastructure. So do their […]
29 February, 2016

Global Capital Middle East Report: Cash Strapped Governments Look to Project Finance

Global Capital, February 2016 For the first time in a generation, governments in the Gulf may need more […]
20 October, 2015

Panama’s Arrocha Outlines Vision for an Infrastructure Economy

Emerging Markets, IMF editions, October 2015 A senior Panamanian minister has outlined a future for his country’s economy […]
1 October, 2015

Emerging Markets: China’s New Silk Road Big on Ambition, But is Anything Happening?

Emerging markets, IMF editions, October 2015 For two years now, evocative maps of ancient trade routes have been […]
1 October, 2015

Global Capital Green Finance Report: Energy Efficiency

Global Capital, IMF Editions, October 2015  It is tempting to think of climate finance as being all about […]