2 December, 2011
Microfinance – up close and personal
1 January, 2017

AIIB’s Clouded Outlook

Euromoney, January 2017 The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has a lot going for it. The world’s newest and […]
1 May, 2016

Good News in Asia for a Multilateral Future

Euromoney, May 2016 Loans come and go, but a forthcoming financing executed jointly by the Asian Development Bank […]
30 November, 2015

IMF Drawing Rights: Another Big Step Towards a Global Chinese Currency

Forbes.com, November 30 2015 Read it at Forbes.com here
1 July, 2015

Greece: What the IMF Missed Payment Means for the Country and the Euro

Forbes.com, July 1 2015 Read the article at Forbes.com here
31 October, 2014

Emerging Markets: Libya’s Central Bank Governor, the World’s Most Challenging Job?

Emerging Markets, October 2014 NB: first six paragraphs by another writer The chaos and factionalism that has characterized […]
14 May, 2014

Ukraine Could Face Debt Carve-Up

Emerging Markets, May 14 2014 Ukraine could be forced to restructure or reissue its debt if further devolution […]
13 May, 2014

Ukraine Carve-Up Risks Debt Default

Forbes.com, May 13 2014 To read this at Forbes.com, click here
3 May, 2014

Asia To Miss Millennium Development Goals Through Lack Of Money

Emerging Markets, May 2014 Asia is set to miss many of its key targets under the poverty-alleviating Millennium […]
1 March, 2013

Discovery Channel Magazine: Fixing Food

Discovery Channel Magazine, March 2013 The global food system is rife with horrible statistics. Here’s one: 925 million […]
2 December, 2011

Microfinance – up close and personal

Euromoney, December 2011 Microfinance has its problems, but it can drive the economies of developing nations. So what […]
2 September, 2011

Why the Asean dream is still just that

Euromoney, September 2011 Cesar Purisima is in full flow. The Philippines finance secretary is sitting in a cavernous […]
15 July, 2010

Intheblack: Getting Central Asia moving

  Intheblack magazine, July 2010 In late May, Juan Miranda was in the Afghan town of Mazar-e-Sharif, attending […]