1 July, 2011
Euroweek offshore RMB report: next steps
31 July, 2017

Cooper Points Standard Chartered in the Right Direction

Euromoney, July 31 2017 Standard Chartered is ready to talk. After several years of pain, impairments, write-offs, losses […]
7 April, 2017

Does Deutsche’s Fightback Begin in Asia?

Asiamoney/Euromoney, April 2017 Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan makes no secret of Asia’s importance in putting some of […]
8 March, 2017

Deutsche Commits to Asia Wealth Management

Euromoney, March 2017 A fun game in Asian wealth management lately has been to pick the next European […]
1 January, 2017

2017 Chinese Economy and Investment Outlook Handbook

Euromoney, January 2017 Few countries are so complex to read as China. How can one assess the outlook […]
1 February, 2016

China Currency Contortions Threaten Dim Sum

Euromoney, February 2016 The turmoil in China’s currency and assets has caused ructions in markets all over the […]
30 November, 2015

IMF Drawing Rights: Another Big Step Towards a Global Chinese Currency

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1 July, 2015

Greece: What the IMF Missed Payment Means for the Country and the Euro

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6 March, 2015

Forbes.com: The Case for Investing in Russia

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30 January, 2015

Forbes.com: Does the Russian Rate Cut Mean it’s Time to Buy?

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15 January, 2015

Forbes.com: Why the Swiss Franc Shot Up 30% in a Morning

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2 December, 2014

Forbes.com: Is This the Bottom for Russia?

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12 November, 2014

Forbes.com: How to Fix the Rouble

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