1 December, 2011
Diary of a CFD Trader
4 December, 2015

Why the Smart Money is Making Contrarian Bets on Asian Bonds

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1 April, 2015

J-Money: Why Investors are Turning Positive on Japanese Equities

J-Money, April 2015 Lately, international investors have started to turn increasingly positive on Japanese equities. Partly, it’s a […]
30 January, 2015

Forbes.com: Does the Russian Rate Cut Mean it’s Time to Buy?

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20 January, 2015

How to Make Money from the Oil Price

Smart Money, Weekend AFR, January 2015 The oil price hasn’t just declined lately. It has collapsed. Not since […]
13 January, 2015

Forbes.com: Sell! Sell! Why the S&P500 Will Halve in 2016

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5 January, 2015

Forbes.com: Why Investors in China May Face a Bleak 2015

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8 December, 2014

Forbes.com. What to Buy to Benefit from Low Oil Prices: Turkey

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18 November, 2014

Forbes.com: What Liverpool FC’s Facebook Survey Tells You about the Power of Emerging Markets

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9 October, 2014

Forbes.com: The IMF Says the World’s in a Mess – but not Africa

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26 September, 2014

Iran’s Pivotal Moment

Euromoney, September 2014 Iran is at a pivotal moment. The year ahead will determine which path it takes: […]
9 July, 2014

Will Brazil’s 7-1 Hammering be Bad News for Investors Too?

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14 May, 2014

Calling the Moment to Return to Russian Equities

Emerging Markets, EBRD Editions, May 14 2014 Those who are waiting for an opportunistic moment to buy into […]