18 January, 2021
Iran’s Banks Cautious as Biden Replaces Trump
2 September, 2015

Tourism in Iran: the Country Will Soon Be Opening Up Again After Years of Isolation

The Independent, September 2 2015 As the British embassy reopens in Tehran and its Iranian counterpart unlocks its […]
1 September, 2015

When is a Door not a Door?

Euromoney, September 2015 Euromoney staff have committed no end of humiliating faux pas around the world over the […]
1 September, 2015

Iran: On the Road Outside the Capital

Euromoney, September 2015  Iran is big. Iranians are fond of telling visitors that it experiences four distinct climates […]
1 September, 2015

Iran Plots Path From Sanctions to Action

Euromoney, September 2015 We don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, but the expected removal of sanctions from […]
1 August, 2015

Iran’s New Deal a Landmark, But Progress Will Be Slow

Euromoney, August 2015 A year ago Euromoney devoted its cover story to the potential for banking when Iran’s […]
1 August, 2015

New Iran Funds Launched Within a Day of Nuclear Agreement

Euromoney, August 2015 Well, that didn’t take long. One day after the nuclear agreement between Iran and the […]
1 March, 2015

Mellat UK court action raises questions for Iran’s bank

Euromoney, March 2015 As attention focuses once more on the prospect of a deal between the US and […]
26 September, 2014

Iran’s Pivotal Moment

Euromoney, September 2014 Iran is at a pivotal moment. The year ahead will determine which path it takes: […]
24 September, 2014

Cameron and Rouhani: How Iran and the West will Become Uneasy Friends Again

Forbes.com, September 24 2014 To read the article, click here
1 September, 2014

Op-Ed: Iran Matters

Euromoney, September 2014 Iran matters. It always has, of course: it’s big, resource-rich, populous and politically influential. But […]
1 July, 2014

Euromoney Middle East Awards for Excellence, 2014

Euromoney, July 2014 BEST BANK IN THE MIDDLE EAST – Qatar National Bank This is no longer a […]
1 June, 2014

Banks of Iran: Six pieces of an Iranian jigsaw

Euromoney, June 2014 Iran has a heavily populated and complex banking sector, with several large state-owned banks which […]