24 September, 2020
Against the Tide: Bank of Singapore’s European Adventure
29 October, 2013

FT BeyondBrics: London and sukuk, the lessons of Malaysia

FT BeyondBrics, October 29 2013 Read this in the FT here The UK’s decision to launch an Islamic bond has […]
12 October, 2013

Emerging Markets: Investors finally ready to look at Greece again

Emerging Markets World Bank editions, October 2013 Improved sentiment towards the Eurozone has triggered the first signs of […]
10 October, 2013

Emerging Markets: swap line shows growing internationalization of RMB

Emerging Markets World Bank editions, October 2013 A new swap line between the European Central Bank and the […]
1 July, 2013

Discovery Channel Magazine: watching an A380 come together

Discovery Channel Magazine,  July 2013 Discovery Channel Magazine is 20 metres above the assembly line of the Airbus A380 […]
1 June, 2013

Portugal’s bond suggests a rehabilitated state

Euromoney, June 2013 In early May, Portugal took to the bond markets in style. It raised Eu3 billion […]
3 May, 2013

New round of easing set to increase liquidity

Emerging Markets ADB editions, May 3 2013 (with Antony Rowley and Elliot Wilson) A new round of easing in […]
1 April, 2013

Euroweek SSA report: core sovereigns

Euroweek SSA Report, April 2013 If anyone has benefited from the Eurozone crisis in the last two years, […]
1 April, 2013

Asiamoney: Why European borrowers are turning to Asia

Asiamoney, April 2013 You are a European borrower and you need to raise funds. European investors are distracted […]