15 May, 2019

Pakistan IMF Bailout Comes as Foreign Banks Eye Opportunity

Euromoney, May 15 2019 The bidding for Pakistan’s power plant privatization shows that the country’s problems aren’t putting […]
19 October, 2018

HBL’s Aurangzeb Sees Brighter Times for Pakistan Despite Bailout

Euromoney, October 19 2018 In a country with twin deficits and a 13th bailout in recent memory, one […]
1 July, 2008

Shamshad Akhtar, Pakistan: the most challenging environment ever

Asiamoney, July 2008 “Let me tell you,” says Shamshad Akhtar, the governor of the State Bank of Pakistan. […]
5 May, 2008

Ministers and governors face the pain

Emerging Markets, ADB annual meeting, May 2008 Asian ministers and bank governors have described some of the toughest […]
1 January, 2007

Shaukat Aziz, Pakistan prime minister: Institutional Investor, December 2006

Institutional Investor, December2006/January 2007 Shaukat Aziz became Pakistan’s prime minister in 2004. A Karachi-born career banker and a […]
17 May, 1998

A higher love: Hong Kong Standard, May 1998

HongKongLife, Hong Kong Standard newspaper, May 1998 Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rex Monroe. A grizzled Australian in a […]