1 June, 2009

Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Bank Negara Malaysia: let us do things our way

Institutional Investor, June 2009 Earlier this year Institutional Investor was invited to Kuala Lumpur to meet with Dr […]
4 May, 2009

Zeti defends Bank Negara’s go-it-alone stance

Emerging Markets, Asian Development Bank annual meeting editions, Bali, May 2009 Author’s note: this is the article as […]
1 July, 2008

Shamshad Akhtar, Pakistan: the most challenging environment ever

Asiamoney, July 2008 “Let me tell you,” says Shamshad Akhtar, the governor of the State Bank of Pakistan. […]
5 May, 2008

Ministers and governors face the pain

Emerging Markets, ADB annual meeting, May 2008 Asian ministers and bank governors have described some of the toughest […]