5 May, 2011
Emerging Markets: Timor to revamp sovereign fund, PNG to launch one
20 December, 2016

Alternative Review of the Year. Investigative Journalists of the Year: US Department of Justice on 1MDB

Euromoney, December 2016 We journalists do our best, but sometimes we have to applaud the work of others. […]
20 December, 2016

Alternative Review of the Year. Pyrrhic Victory of the Year: Goldman Sachs vs Libyan Investment Authority

Euromoney, December 2016 Bravo, Goldman Sachs, for emerging victorious from the Libyan Investment Authority’s more than $1 billion […]
3 November, 2016

Australia’s Future Fund Tilt Pays Off

Euromoney, November 2016 The chief investment officer of Australia’s sovereign Future Fund says its groundbreaking private equity allocation […]
28 October, 2016

Libya: LIA Loses the Goldman Sachs Case

Euromoney, October 2016 In the end, staff at the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) just weren’t stupid enough. That’s […]
20 September, 2016

Handbags Between Singapore and Malaysia

Euromoney, September 2016 It is an unfortunate inevitability of modern life that when a woman who runs a […]
30 August, 2016

GIC’s Vietcombank Stake Shows Long-Awaited EM Shift

Euromoney, September 2016 GIC’s acquisition of a 7.7% stake in Vietcombank is interesting for what it tells us […]
1 August, 2016

Temasek Hit By China Volatility

Euromoney, August 2016 The latest annual results from Temasek, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, are striking for two reasons. […]
1 April, 2016

Libya’s Dickens of a Muddle

Euromoney, April 2016 Charles Dickens’ Bleak House rests upon a lawsuit so old and tangled that everyone who […]
1 March, 2016

Saudi Arabia Plans Institutional Fund Revamp

Euromoney, March 2016 Saudi Arabia’s plan for sweeping changes to its investment institutions is all the talk in […]
1 March, 2016

Sovereign Funds Adapt to New Environment

Euromoney, March 2016 If the smartest money invests for the longest term, then recent evidence suggests that its […]
1 February, 2016

What Will ADIA Get Out Of Dodge?

Euromoney, February 2016 Is there a finer name in all of financial services than Sherwood Dodge? Dodge is […]
1 February, 2016

Qatar Financial Centre: From Differentiation Pains to Diversification Gains?

Euromoney, February 2016 There is a new website at the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). ’10 Years’, the home […]