17 August, 2011
Purisima’s Philippine balancing act
12 April, 2017

Philippine Banks Boom Despite the Politics

Euromoney, April 2017 There is an uncomfortable acceptance in Philippine business right now. People will tell you, conspiratorially, […]
7 April, 2017

Debate: Bangladesh’s Roadmap to an Inclusive High-Growth Future

Euromoney, April 2017 Bangladesh boasts some of the best economic growth in the region, but faces challenges in […]
9 March, 2017

Singapore Leads the World in Sovereign Risk

Euromoney, March 9 2017 It might be time to stop calling Singapore ‘the next Switzerland’. The maxim needs […]
1 January, 2017

2017 Chinese Economy and Investment Outlook Handbook

Euromoney, January 2017 Few countries are so complex to read as China. How can one assess the outlook […]
1 January, 2017

What Trump Means for Japan and the World

J-Money, January 2017 The world was stunned by Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election in October […]
1 December, 2016

Japan: the Surprise US Election Winner

Euromoney, December 2016 The aftermath of the Trump US election victory produced many oddities, not least this one: […]
1 October, 2016

TPP and Japan: What the Election Outcomes Would Mean

J-Money, October 2016   During the first US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on September […]
20 September, 2016

Mongolia Fights Fiscal Fallout

Euromoney, September 2016 Mongolia is living through interesting times. August alone featured, in this order: the revelation of […]
1 September, 2016

Is Finance a Drag on Economic Growth?

IntheBlack, September 2016 See the article as it ran here   Money, as the musical Cabaret had it, […]
1 July, 2016

J-Money: What European Investors Make of Abenomics

J-Money, July 2016 European investors and bankers have been watching the progress of Abenomics and Japanese quantitative easing […]
6 April, 2016

Latin America and Oil: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Part 3: The Ugly

Emerging Markets IADB editions, April 2016 The Ugly: Venezuela stares into the abyss; Brazil senses hope Latin America […]
6 April, 2016

Latin America and Oil: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Part 2: The Bad

Emerging markets, IADB editions, April 2016 The Bad: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina search for the positives Latin America and […]