19 April, 2017
Ant’s Increased MoneyGram Bid Shows Commitment to New Approach
19 April, 2017

Ant’s Increased MoneyGram Bid Shows Commitment to New Approach

Euromoney, April 19 2017 Ant Financial really wants MoneyGram, and has increased its bid by 36%. It’s a […]
3 March, 2017

Why CLSA Had to Axe US Research

Euromoney, March 2017 CLSA’s decision to quit US equity research should come as no surprise to anyone who […]
1 February, 2017

BEPS in the Boardroom: Cracking Down on Multinational Tax Avoidance

IntheBlack, February 2017 Read it as it ran here Has there ever been a global tax initiative as […]
1 January, 2017

What Trump Means for Japan and the World

J-Money, January 2017 The world was stunned by Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election in October […]
20 December, 2016

Alternative Review of the Year. Investigative Journalists of the Year: US Department of Justice on 1MDB

Euromoney, December 2016 We journalists do our best, but sometimes we have to applaud the work of others. […]
1 September, 2016

Is Finance a Drag on Economic Growth?

IntheBlack, September 2016 See the article as it ran here   Money, as the musical Cabaret had it, […]
1 September, 2016

A New Mission

CFA Magazine, September 2016 Read the article as it ran here   Gayle Buff was good at her […]
1 July, 2016

Five Years In, Apple CEO Tim Cook Needs New Stories

July 2016   August 24 will mark five years since Tim Cook succeeded Steve Jobs as chief executive […]
6 January, 2016

New Kids of Finance Start Playing with the Grown-Ups

Global Capital, January 2016   It seems hard to recall a world in which crowdfunding was not part […]
1 January, 2016

What Rate Rises Mean for Japan and the World

J-Money, Winter 2015-16 After years of discussion and speculation, finally markets gained some clarity about US interest rates […]
8 November, 2015

After They Were Famous: What Happened Next?

The Guardian/The Observer, Inner Life section, November 8 2015 Read this on The Guardian site here One day […]
28 October, 2015

VW’s First Loss in 15 Years – But is it Now Cheap?

Forbes.com, October 28 2015 Read it at Forbes.com here