17 August, 2011
Purisima’s Philippine balancing act
1 May, 2016

Good News in Asia for a Multilateral Future

Euromoney, May 2016 Loans come and go, but a forthcoming financing executed jointly by the Asian Development Bank […]
1 June, 2014

Philippines’ Tetangco speaks from rare position of strength

Euromoney, June 2014 For many years, interviews with Philippine policymakers have tended to be full of defiance in […]
3 May, 2014

Tetangco Prepares Stress Test for Philippines Banks

Emerging Markets, ADB editions, May 2014 The central bank governor of the Philippines is planning to impose stress […]
4 October, 2013

Forbes: Philippines upgrade puts country on investment map – with thanks to migrant workers

Forbes.com, October 4 2013 Click here for this story
1 March, 2012

IFR Asia: Philippines rush to lower tier two

IFR Asia – Asia special report – March 2012 Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Philippines central bank, had […]
18 September, 2011

Emerging Markets: Cesar Purisima, finance minister of the year

Emerging Markets, September 2011 Cesar Purisima is an optimist; it comes through whenever the Finance Secretary of the […]
1 September, 2011

Institutional Investor Asean report: Philippines

Institutional Investor, September 2011 The Philippines is attempting a difficult double-act: reducing its budget deficit while maintaining spending […]
17 August, 2011

Purisima’s Philippine balancing act

Asiamoney, August 2011 Asiamoney meets Secretary of Finance Cesar Purisima in a booth in a Hanoi conference centre, […]
6 May, 2011

Emerging Markets: Purisima interview

Emerging Markets, May 6 2011 The Philippines has pledged to move away from offshore borrowing and to source […]
4 May, 2010

Philippines: Teves on the deficit

Emerging Markets, May 2010 Philippine policymakers say they can breathe life into the country’s flagging deficit reduction programme […]
21 December, 2009

IFR Asia: Southeast Asia debt capital markets guide – the Philippines

IFR Asia Southeast Asia debt capital markets report: Philippines December 2009 If you had to pick one local […]
10 October, 2009

IFR issuer profile: San Miguel

IFR Asia, October 2009 When the global credit markets dried up in G3 currencies, many argued there was […]