2 February, 2010
Malaysia’s Democracy on Trial
27 July, 2015

Mahathir on Anwar, Islam, Malays in Business and the Press

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26 July, 2015

Mahathir Takes Aim At His Successors

July 26 2015 Read it at Forbes.com here, and the follow-up here
5 July, 2015

Can Najib Razak Survive 1MDB Scandal?

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3 July, 2015

Najib Has Questions to Answer in Malaysia’s 1MDB Probe

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25 June, 2015

So Now Malaysia’s Going After Anwar’s Daughter

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1 June, 2015

Why Mahathir Mohamad Can’t Keep Out of Malaysian Politics

The Australian and the South China Morning Post, June 2015 When Mahathir Mohamed stepped down as Malaysia’s Prime […]
1 May, 2015

Euromoney Islamic Most Innovative Deals of the Year

Euromoney, May 2015 IIFIM/GAVI – THE IMMUNISATION SUKUK US$500 million (Barwa, CIMB, NBAD, NCB, Stanchart; Allen & Overy, […]
1 May, 2015

The State of Play in Islamic Finance: Balancing Innovation with Integrity

Euromoney, May 2015 An industry where asset growth regularly nudges 20% a year. But one that has been […]
1 April, 2015

Asiamoney Islamic Finance Awards, 2015

Asiamoney, April 2015  Best Bank in Asia: CIMB CIMB remains the bank that has made the most successful […]
10 February, 2015

Forbes.com. Anwar Jailed: A Disgrace That Damages Malaysia

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18 November, 2014

Forbes.com: What Liverpool FC’s Facebook Survey Tells You about the Power of Emerging Markets

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6 May, 2014

The Fragile Five Are Fine: Worry About China, Hong Kong, Malaysia And Singapore Instead

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