1 June, 2009
Citi bails out of Japanese retail as Morgan Stanley moves in
1 January, 2018

The Euromoney 25: MUFG

Euromoney, January 2018 Being a big Japanese bank is a fairly miserable state of affairs, but at least […]
14 November, 2017

What Asia League Tables Tell us as the Year Draws to a Close

Euromoney, November 14 2017 Several trends emerge from the year-to-date league tables, and not everyone will like them Click […]
7 April, 2017

ADB Hits Half-Century, For Better And Worse

Euromoney, April 2017 Nobody turns 50 without a few aches and pains. You can comfort yourself with the […]
1 January, 2017

Two Cultures, One Winning Formula?

Euromoney, January 2017 Morgan Stanley’s joint venture with MUFG in Japan makes sense on paper, combining international reach […]
1 January, 2017

What Trump Means for Japan and the World

J-Money, January 2017 The world was stunned by Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election in October […]
1 December, 2016

Japan: the Surprise US Election Winner

Euromoney, December 2016 The aftermath of the Trump US election victory produced many oddities, not least this one: […]
1 October, 2016

TPP and Japan: What the Election Outcomes Would Mean

J-Money, October 2016   During the first US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on September […]
1 July, 2016

J-Money: What European Investors Make of Abenomics

J-Money, July 2016 European investors and bankers have been watching the progress of Abenomics and Japanese quantitative easing […]
1 May, 2016

Good News in Asia for a Multilateral Future

Euromoney, May 2016 Loans come and go, but a forthcoming financing executed jointly by the Asian Development Bank […]
1 January, 2016

What Rate Rises Mean for Japan and the World

J-Money, Winter 2015-16 After years of discussion and speculation, finally markets gained some clarity about US interest rates […]
1 November, 2015

How China’s Market Turmoil Affects Japan

J-Money, November 2015 The turmoil in Chinese markets, and the increasing doubts about the future of the Chinese […]
1 October, 2015

Global Capital Samurai Issuer Profiles: Maybank, Rabobank, BPCE and Macquarie

Global Capital, IMF editions, October 2015 Maybank Maybank became the first Asia Pacific issuer to launch a pro-bond […]