1 February, 2010

Dubai: a default saved, an opportunity missed

Global Edge, Cerulli Associates, February 2010 In December, world markets reacted strongly to the news that an expected […]
21 December, 2009

Dubai ducks default – a relief but an opportunity missed

Asiamoney, December 2009 Dubai went to the brink – and it’s still there. Abu Dhabi’s decision in December […]
1 June, 2009

Indonesia: Landmark global debt deals underline investor confidence

Asiamoney, May 2009 The Indonesian sovereign has been arguably the most interesting and important debt issuer in the […]
1 July, 2008

The non-Muslim world fights for Islamic finance

Asiamoney, July 2008 In May, the Monetary Authority of Singapore made a low-key but significant announcement. Speaking to […]