20 August, 2017
Narev Prepares to Leave Commonwealth Bank
20 August, 2017

Narev Prepares to Leave Commonwealth Bank

Euromoney, August 20, 2017 “We are getting Australia’s version of the global zeitgeist about big business and big […]
13 July, 2017

PayTM Automates the Traffic Fine

Euromoney, July 13 2017 Asia-based payment wallet fintechs like to boast that they involve themselves in every area […]
1 May, 2017

Inside Ant Financial’s Nest

Euromoney, June 2017 Alibaba, Alipay, Ant Financial – by now everyone in banking knows the triumvirate of brands […]
19 April, 2017

Ant’s Increased MoneyGram Bid Shows Commitment to New Approach

Euromoney, April 19 2017 Ant Financial really wants MoneyGram, and has increased its bid by 36%. It’s a […]
1 March, 2017

China’s Lufax Prepares to Meet Global Market

Euromoney, March 2017 It started out as one of 3,000 peer-to-peer lenders in China. In six years, it […]
15 November, 2016

Blockchain Landmarks Point to Revolution in Trade Finance

Euromoney, November 2016 There will be many steps in the process of making blockchain technologies widespread in trade […]
1 November, 2016

Carousell: An App that Reinvents the Online Marketplace

  IntheBlack, November 2016  54 hours isn’t long: barely a weekend. But in March 2012 it was long […]
21 September, 2016

Understanding India’s Push Into Biometrics

Euromoney, September 2016 This article accompanies a bigger feature on Indian biometric banking • Aadhaar is a biometric […]
21 September, 2016

India: Biometric Banking, Financial inclusion and the $600 Billion Opportunity

Euromoney, September 2016 An extraordinary revolution is taking place in digital banking in India. Driven by the state, […]
20 September, 2016

Citi Grabs a Ride in Taxi Tie-Up

Euromoney, September 2016 Citi is joining up with the Singapore-based ride-hailing service Grab in a partnership that will […]
27 April, 2016

DBS’s Digibank Launch Brings In Biometric Banking

Euromoney, April 27 2016 Digibank will be India’s first mobile-only bank, operating under DBS’s India licence. It goes […]